IT's May!

In April we got to be a part of the 14th annual Chicago hardcore event The Rumble! We were very happy to say we were a part of this great event where all profits went to charity. We closed out this event playing the official after party at Cobra Lounge and we were happy to share the stage with Harm’s Way, Power trip from Texas and Murderlisious, plus we spent 10 days working at the Nook Studio in New Lenox, IL. with our good friend Nick Nativo. Philly knocked out 19 tracks on drums, PBS got about half way through Guitar and Bass tracks plus J Keen knocked out the 1st song on vocals so it was a rather successful session. We go back at the end of the month to try wrapping up more of these tracks. Info on how and when they will be released will be forthcoming. So all in all a good month.

As for shows we have our 4th annual spring show with Chicago’s Murder Metal Legends MACABRE, plus on the bill is Funeral Nation (1st show in 10 years), our friends in Of Wolves, WasteLanD Suspension will have a fun set, We have Fire Breathers and Dancers and the Night will be hosted by the Freak Kings ft. The Illustrated Penguin from the hit AMC show Freakshow and Baron Von Geiger from Coney Island fame. This night is sure to be one not to be missed. Keep us with us at

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