From the recording Laughing with the Sinners

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You're never born unto yourself
Always dragged down by another's intents.
Cope with hope while you choke on the ashes of the burning
world that's been laid out for you.

You'll never make any sense of it,
Labored love that bears us selfish gifts
Wings of glory born to fly, inside a writhing wheel of

I'm in it all for myself I'm in it all for myself.
And so are you.
Rise n' grind
Gotta shine
Stick n' move.
You're in it all for yourself. You're in it all for yourself.
Blink of an eye, left behind.
Lord Savior-self has forsaken you.

We are human misery machinery
And can only recreate the same thing
Lackluster love.
Lackluster love....that must be learned again and again and
> I'm in it all....for myself.
> You're in it all....for yourself
> They're in it all...for themselves,
But we possess a sense.