From the recording Laughing with the Sinners

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Criminal, master mind's plan to throw seeds of evil out the window.
Drug lord, in a brown base model four door Ford Crown Vic equipped with cracked tube column shift.
Tough break.
What a shame for accidental Johnny Appleseed.
Laws shouldn't grow so easily.
Pass the bills of rotten cotton profit for utopia unity.
Stupid ideas seem to me, to be the weeds.
Orange haired stepchild rejected by some and loved.
From another's perspective point of view, an empty room.
Since nothing can ever trusted as complete truth.
Counties' angel wing publicity.
Felonies policed repressed and swept beneath the rugs from endless distress.
Respect scene of the community.
Everyday, arrests are being made by handsomely paid by county.
In a special blend of catch 22, for playing catch the felony.
Catch 22.
DECRIMINALIZE. They've already tried too many times to hide the ugly truth.
DECRIMINALIZE. Sick of statistic slaps on the wrist, from ridiculous politics.
DECRIMINALIZE. The cops could do a good job, but it's usually for naught.
Nothing comes of it.
DECRIMINALIZE. It should be a choice with slim consequence set, like a parking ticket.
DECRIMINALIZE. Too many Jacks and Jills are consumed by legal pills, and kill themselves.
DECRIMINALIZE. The wish for endless supplies of fines that don't apply to the youth.