From the recording Laughing with the Sinners

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It only takes one shot to start or end a war
ablaze and raging like never before
and escalating forever, the pressures of our self control
This situation was once null.

Turning nothing into something is stress that I don't need.
Your greed of authority is the line of separation between you and me.
In all we see in the ultimate clash of reality.

Taking position on an imagined side.
I'll say it.: The truth is, You're telling a lie.
A judgmental hell in the skin of your eyes
defines all the shapeless logic that's been branded in your mind.

Those quick to be judgmental,
turn the situations lethal,
when men considered equal,
turn it into "You people"

You people
All you fuckin' people that I fuckin hate'
You people.
You fuckin' people.

A part of our human existence
is constantly met with resistance
and ignorance furthers the distance
The viciousness....senselessness...
Of our human co-existence.

On and on it goes
in shapeless logic grinding out these power struggles.
With no end in sight.

Where the blind lead the blind there can be no light.

Don't judge me, judge yourself.

Society should never be abused by authority for means.
Majority mob...Uninformed in a forest of money trees.
Anxiety, by product of this disillusioned reality.
It's killing me.
Your ideals of the way that everything should be.

Don't judge me, Judge yourself.