From the recording Laughing with the Sinners

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Last in line for battle
Beware the odd man out's inherent danger.
Ones who cast themselves aside
with an iron fist grip upon the element of surprise.
Integrated hits within this humble hobby come alive
to deal out the death blows unto burdened bodies.

Hell holds our place....but we ain't goin' down today.

Overtaken the enemy became in the fray
They've mistakenly turned their backs to fury's face
Now their blind eyes bleed the wrath of rage.

Knuckle to nose...
pipe to skull...
knife to throat...
Overthrow the enemy.
Bullet to hole...
Bombs to blow...
flesh into ghost
Overthrow the enemy.

Moral-less cesspool breeding, allowed to survive, writhes inside ideals while we choke.
Host their hopes inside the soulless votes.
It's high time for tying, pretty pity ropes.

Oh, hangman cavalry,
do keep the peace;
because they already own the police, for 80 grand a piece.
Shepard's deep pockets
herd the greedy screened sheep.
To feed the worthless ones, pieces of you and me for free.

If you do nothing wrong...
Still gotta worry.
If you do nothing at all...
Still gotta worry.
If you get up and fight...
Still gotta worry.

So who wants to be first?
Who possesses the worst?

To pledge the earth of a curse
Who wants the first?