From the recording Laughing with the Sinners

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Mind numbingly awful grind
Get your mind out of cloud and right
Almighty dead tree media,
threatening of tenet shroud

Feeding into it all to often,
hungry and downtrodden;
bleeding out of our melted wax heads
Man? or mannequin?

So sick of medicined maestros
maliciously, methodically, cuing up
all self credit.
Executive buzzwords of wreckage
for public relations' hills of hypocritic walking dead.
They've said and spread their desperate
professional shovels of dirt epidemic.
Get your head out of the clouds
Pay attention to the fast propaganda
that flies from their crowns
to our grounds.

They've filled the skies
with drops of dimes,
to their suicide saviors of haste and hatred slime;
While all the time I pray.
Hell, Mary's full of grease from their palms.

So say the psalms, say the psalms
and sing your song,
but don't ever use a word or note that don't belong to you.
Just when you thought you knew,
Just when you thought you knew;
There's no treatment for dying for you.
Just dying for you, while I'm bled.
Fins on the fiends that clap the novella,
and this society is a sorry scene.
Stand proud and enjoy your deadly sin.
There ain't no way to win.
No chance.
Wrath hath not I, within this counterfeited lie.
Just sharing sun spots in time.

Think for 2 seconds
Will you regret it?
All of your pathetic, wasted life.

Think for 1 second
Will you regret it?
All of your pathetic, wasted life.

Mind numbingly awful grind, thy pathetic waste of life.
Almighty dead tree felled for fiending the light.