1. 99 SECONDS

From the recording Laughing with the Sinners

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A nod and a friendly wave, can go a long way.
Buying a little peace of mind... a piece of cake.
Let the loaded piece eliminate a set of mistakes from the ugly equation.
Grab the cash and get away.
Simple plan, with simple execution:
Man to hand cannon.
A sly 99 second solution.
Somebody’s gonna die in 99 seconds.
Stabbed are the keys in the Caprice that has no heat, but it overheats.
Leaves it running, needs some money, 9 millimeter up his sleeve.
A hand that can bite can easily become a hand that can feed....with the right mentality.
The cost of life is free.
Free, therefore, free for the taking.
Life was free and therefore, is free for the taking.
Society's blood and money love becoming one in the same.
Hey, Brain:
"We're gonna make it rain today.
What's in a name anyway?
A tag, full of someone Else's something to say.
A half ass-ed handout, given away."
Hey, Brain:
"OK...., step, smile and wave."
Hey, Brain:
"TAKE! TAKE! TAKE! Run away! Run Away! Run away!"
A paradox absurd.....
an ice cold, POP!.....dropped the clerk.