From the recording Laughing with the Sinners

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Forever livin' never givin' in again
no time to miss life.
One more corner, one more kiss, another beer, and 1 more breath....
To: missed death (cheers)

One more forgiven, hand delivered to a friend to share the strife
One more goodnight and goodbye, another mistake,
and 1 more break.

For all the times
For all the livin'
For all the peace of mind we need for fillin' in the lines of misguided time inside this life.
For all that cried's fights, and their survived bys
For all that try, and that find, a sense of pride inside their eyes
Shall guide the light upon the vines of life.
Anthem from ashes derived, shall arise.
Dedicated to devotion;
and to regard death as a word of wisdom.

Lay your stupidity down
long before it becomes yourselves
No rest in a fight as a friend,
raise a celebration glass
For what you have
and what you've had forever.

An epitaph for masses...
Gathered salutations for those lost in transitions....
and a reminder of our realism...Embrace it.
For Artie Lemke,
and for yourselves
While you're alive inside the fight.
We are this life.