From the recording Laughing with the Sinners

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Hollow caverns of bone.
Yellowed cluster that drones, on
A hymn, hummed into nothingness as death notes.
Here lies: Lies that lie still.
A chip off the old stone hole, tears into the cold lonely tears below.
Spirals, inside the flow.
Splashes spat from the human soul, pulled underground as the echo rolls.
Now all is well......
Leave well alone....
With the rain and the mold to remain untold.
Leave well alone....
Pray it stays amongst the holy-stone forevermore.
Sealed in silence in it's spectrum of death
Devoid of light to hide what's left.
All the while, dominated by a candid smile that faces the face of death.
Hesitant is the face of death to feel the skeleton's breath.
Intent to let all the evil of men's revenge remain unspoken regret.
Alive, with non existence to survive thy divine self sentence.
Emotional expiration in focus.
Laid amongst awaiting locust, comatose until the arise.
At night in low down, the moan is high.
The further southbound, the longer disquiet.
All these colorful thoughts are merely leaves
raked across inside intertwinings of your mind,
that are dying for a reason.
Your failures, fallen.
Self made fate is calling.
Sorrows drown inside the tears in your eyes,
as tomorrow's crown becomes the thorn in your side.
All these colorful thoughts are merely grief
laid across gray matter coals.
Forever scalding the moths that yearn for burning their wings.
Your failures, fallen.