Chicago Metal Fair

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REGGIES , 2105 S. State St., Chicago, IL 60616

DO SOME SHOPPING FOR OTHERS AND YOURSELF THE CHICAGO METAL FAIR – Rodney from theCMF hosts & spins along side Gravesite Chicago with vending from Chicagoland Artists, distros, collectors and area music fans. The bands vending will also have their music and/or videos featured during the event. BUY MERCH & GET RAFFLE TICKETS TO WIN MERCH, CONCERT TIX AND REGGIES BUCKS WIN TICKETS TO: Holiday Of Horror Saturday 12/18 @ Reggies Forever Deaf Fest III Saturday 12/11 @ Beat Kitchen FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY Friday 1/7 @ Reggies CATTLE DECAPITATION Wednesday 2/2 @ The Forge OBITUARY, MUNICIPAL WASTE Tuesday 2/15 @ The Forge NILE, INCANTATION Tuesday 2/26 @ The Forge Vendors include WITHOUT WAVES, CARDIAC ARREST, INNER DECAY, MIND MELT, VICIOUS ATTACK, WHUT?, WITHERING SOUL, CELESTIAL SERPENT, GYPSY REBEL CUSTOM DESIGNS, LUNA IN SANGUINEM, THE METAL DELI, NATURES BLING, LURID, SEWER RAT, RESISTANCE HQ PUBLISHING, NOVEMBERS DOOM, MORBID MEMENTOS, FIERCE ATMOSPHERES, NUCLEUS & more The second floor is a large space with chill lighting and a great stereo and video system plus a full bar and plenty of seating with table service for food and drinks. It is just past the Reggies Box office, so stop there to buy some Reggies concert tickets without any service fees. CHICAGO METAL FAIR w/ DJ’S – 4PM TO 8PM – NO COVER – 2ND FLOOR – 21+ GET INVOLVED – e-mail to become a part of an upcoming Chicago Metal Fair vending and listening event and the promotions or just show up with your new music, but you must reach out in advance for a free merch table as space is limited. If your band has new music coming up e-mail about setting up a listening event w/ vending at The Chicago Metal Fair. Reggies 2105 S. State Street in Chicago more info: