Quick Update!

WHUT IS UP! We have lots going on in the WhutLanD as we slide into spring. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our new video for Stone Trophies (scroll down). It will be dropping on BlankTV really soon. We just updated the events and flyers page with lots of new tour dates and a few new show flyers. Our local tour kick off on May 12th with our friends in MACABRE, Knifed at Gunpoint and Hot for Skippy at Bada Brew in Crest Hill, IL. After that Show we head out for 2 dates with our east coast fam Nassau Chainsaw in De and Ny, then go kick it with our boys Walt b2b in PA and Psycho Enhancer in Staten Island before we make it our way up to Lowell, Ma to do a show with FogHorn. We still have a couple things to lock so keep a look out for new dates. 

We have been jamming a lot and have 4-6 new songs rolling right now, a couple are structured and have lyrical ideas and some are still just riffs and in the ideas stages. We are hoping to have something new out by Halloween(maybe). A couple new shirt designs and some old favorites will be printed for this next run of shows. There will be limited amounts available through the site and at our merch table.

Hope to see everyone while we are out!

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